Corgis 4 You 2

Black Headed Tricolor


The picture on the left shows a black and tan Pembroke Welsh Corgi female who has white markings on the top of her muzzle, chest, a narrow collar around her neck, on her legs, and underparts. This is  referred to as a tricolor. The black surrounds her eyes which makes her a black headed tricolor.  The picture on the right is of another black headed tricolor female.  It is perfectly acceptable to have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that is black and tan with no white, but a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that is black and white with no tan is a mismark. The tan is not always present at birth, but starts to appears within a few weeks after birth.

Red & White

This red and white female is in the middle range of the red color.
All shades of red are acceptable from fawn to deep red.

Sable & White

The top shows a sable & white color Pembroke Welsh Corgi male. A dog may be lightly sabled, with just a scattering of black-tipped hairs over the withers, to one who is so heavily sabled that from a distance he almost appears black.  You can see the black edges on his ears & looking at his face you can see the lighter hair under the black tipping.  The bottom shows  a sable & white color female with more black-tipped hairs going from the top of her head to her tail.  You can see by the picture she has a red head & there is no black-tipping on her head or ears.

Red Headed Tricolor

The following picture is a black and tan Pembroke Welsh Corgis with white markings. This is referred to as a tricolor.  More commonly referred to as a  red headed tricolor  because the head does not have black that surrounds the eyes.  A red headed tricolor may have some black on its head or it may have very little or no black markings on the head.   The black on the head lessens, usually as the dog ages.

Another red-headed tricolor female with less black on his skull.

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